Our department is one of the academic departments at Medical Research Institute. It was established in early 1960s by our late Professor Dr. Gamal Eldin Abdel Tawab who was the pioneer of Tryptophan Research School in Egypt. The main objective of our department is to carry on scientific and biomedical research in different fields of medical biochemistry, molecular biology and environmental toxicology. Our highly experienced Emeritus Professors, well qualified staff of Professors, associates and colleagues together with motivated young chemists form a strong team work to carry on all scientific and biomedical research needed. Awarding Master and Ph.D. degrees to postgraduate students for candidates hold a Bachelor degree in Science, Pharmacy or Medicine and as well candidates from Arabian countries is one of our main objectives. Our cooperation with other departments in Medical Research Institute and from other colleges is also an important issue to expand our research fields and ideas. Our good laboratory facilities and staff experience enable us to support more candidates for master and Ph.D. degree. Meanwhile, our newly established Molecular Biology Laboratory encourage us to carry on new research protocols and as well research papers using these recent laboratory techniques.