alexandria patient safety alliance (APSA)



It is our pleasure to announce the formation of the Alexandria Patients Safety Alliance (APSA). The APSA is formed of an alliance between the various healthcare stakeholders in Alexandria Governorate. They include the University of Alexandria, Ministry of Health and Population, Medical Insurance Organization, Private Hospitals, Patients and Community members. The APSA 's vision is to work towards safe and friendly hospitals with staff that listen, learn and respond collaboratively to ensure patient safety and dignity. This is an open invitation to all of those who are interested in patient safety to join the alliance so we can work together to achieve a safer environment for our patients in our governorate and beyond.


APSA Declaration

We, the Alexandria Patient Safety Alliance (APSA) aim at promoting safe healthcare. We are committed in making our hospitals safer by minimizing the risk of harm to our patients. The APSA in its formation will ensure participation of the different healthcare stakeholders including patients and community members.

We, are committed in achieving our aims through ethical and scientific means that preserve patient dignity and produce valid evidence that is shared in a transparent environment.

We, will work collaboratively in creating a critical level of awareness on patient safety in our community.

We, will also foster a culture of learning and understanding from adverse events and encourage confidential reporting of healthcare errors to help focus efforts on error prevention and correction rather than individual or organization culpability.

We, will jointly promote sound clinical practices through the implementation of safety programs and institutional capacity building and through targeted programs based on stakeholders needs.

We, will encourage educational and professional bodies to include patient safety in their curricula and professional development programs.

We, will create constructive dialogue with other parties wishing to enhance patient safety within their healthcare setting.


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