Egyptian Association of Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety (EAHQPS)


The Egyptian Association of Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety is an official association under the supervision of Medical Research Institute – University of Alexandria. The society gathers a group of specialists in the field of healthcare quality.


The mission of this society is to spread the culture of healthcare and contribute in the improvement of health services in a patient safety focused manner by offering trainings and consults for healthcare providers according to the international standards.


1-Improve the quality culture for healthcare providers by:

  • Continues basic and advanced training programs in different healthcare activities
  • Newsletters for all updated scientific information in healthcare quality and patient safety
  • Quality events aiming to communicate all new updates in healthcare quality as well as patient safety.

2-To ensure a network of qualified practitioners and providers to exchange the experience in the healthcare and safety fields.

3-Collaborate with the ministry of health and the health insurance organizations to spread the quality culture.