The main research is related to Field of Interest

  1. Use of genomics and proteomics to validate new tumor markers
  2. Diagnostic and prognostic role of new genetic tumor markers and their relation to radio- and drug resistance
  3. Nanotechnology in cancer diagnosis and treatment
  4. Combined therapy and reversal of cancer radio- and drug resistance
  5. Stem cell and gene therapy
  6. Radioprotectors
  7. Exosomes
  8. Personalized cancer medicine
  9. Radiosensetizers
  10. Effect of radiation on the environment
  11. Radiation Protection and safety
  12. Non-invasive biomarkers for management of cancer patients
  13. Assessment of radiotherapy treatment plans efficacy and toxicity using combination of dosimetric and biological parameters.
  14. Assessment of the biological effects of radiation using biochemical parameters.
  15. Applications of radiation in forensic sciences