This section is dedicated to research enhancement and it is suitable for both students and faculty members. It covers topics that can be of interest to young and experienced researchers. This section consists of four subdivisions:

Research Methodology

  • This section will entail topics that start with how to write a research protocol, research design, analysis of research results, presentation of data, writing of research articles and how to present research at scientific meetings.

Research Ethics

  • All you need to know to be sure that your research is not harming your patients and that you are following accepted guidelines has been collected in this section. Furthermore, for those who are interested in knowing how to manage a research ethics committee and how to ethically evaluate research is also presented.

Research Data

  • This section helps you link with the essential international and national research data base and search engines.

Scientific Misconduct

  • A must read section that explains what is plagiarism and how to diagnose and manage research misconduct.