Let Quality Be Your Life Style


Quality Assurance Medical Research Institute

QAMRI was established in 2009; not only in order to cope with the national wave of educational quality assurance, but also as part of the institutional realization of its importance and necessity for development.


  • The QAMRI unit is taking the vision of being a toolkit that provides the available resources with its proper allocation in achieving both the international and national standards needed in the reform process of the educational establishments worldwide. By meeting those standards the MRI will gain both the accreditation from the international institutions and the confidence of the surrounding community fulfilling the vision of the MRI.
  • QAMRI is accommodating the vision of the MRI and is devoted to achieve it by implementing the symbol of CHANGE.
  C redibility
H onorability
A ccredibility
N otability
G uarantee
E xcellency
  By integration of this symbol the QAMRI is paving the path to overcome the obstacles that to be met in the quality path.
QAMRI Regulation