The Parasitology Department has a unique feature of having variation in professionality including Medical Parasitology, Tropical Medicine, Public Health Parasitology and Immunology, owing to this it offers variable medical services including clinical diagnosis, laboratory diagnosis (coprological and serological), and treatment of inpatients and outpatients attending the MRI having different parasitic diseases such as: fascioliasis, schistosomiasis, protozoal infections (intestinal and extra-intestinal like: Malaria, Filaria, Leishmania). The department carries scientific research covering different aspects of parasitic diseases in collaboration with all departments of MRI. 


The department is dedicated to enhance its services contribution to the community through:

  • Creative education with commitment.
  • Applicable and original research.
  • Providing health care with high quality and compassion.


  • Implentation of novel strategies to control parasitic diseases which affect the health of a great proportion of Egyptians.
  • Evaluation of safety and efficacy of drugs for parasitic diseases.
  • Development of advanced and molecular diagnostic methods for detection of early and light parasitic infections.
  • Conduct continuous professional development programs to enhance knowledge and skills of staff and researchers.
  • Sustain working and learning environment to our staff and students that promotes team work and professionality.