1. The department participates in many scientific researches which aim to facilitate the diagnostic process, treatment, follow up, early discovery of diseases, and tumor markers, many thesis have been discussed in the field of medical biochemistry and molecular biology that serve the medical section as in high pressure, diabetes, heart and kidney diseases, cancer, obesity, fatty liver and fibrosis.

2. The department works on raising the level of postgraduate candidates scientifically and experimentally in various fields of medical biochemistry and molecular biology, which include: carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, chemical toxicity, pesticides, nutrition and molecular chemistry.


• It expresses the department ambition for better future through a group of targets which are:

1. applying accreditation in educational process for post graduate student by improving in the scientific syllabuses theoretically and experimentally in medical biochemistry and molecular biology, also by improving the way of giving lectures and discussions by using the latest scientific means.

2. Feeling independent in the education process away from routine and barriers.

3. Upgrading the level of post graduate candidates scientifically and practically in the field of medical biochemistry and molecular biology.

4. Improving the department current researches and caring about publishing for the service of society and environment.

Strategy of the department Desired aims:

1. Upgrading the level of biochemistry department-medical research institute by applying accreditation in educating biochemistry and molecular biology experimentally and scientifically to be capable of achieving the uniqueness of the scientific degrees (Ph.D and master degrees).

2. Upgrading the level of biochemistry department to resemble other counterpart universities by establishing and preparing laboratories using the latest technoilogy in order to serve the educational process for the needs of the society and environment.