The Medical BiophysicsDepartment orchestrates in coherence with the mission of both the Medical Research Institute and theAlexandria University. Its mission aims at providing postgraduate students with the latest scientific advances of various Medical Biophysics branches, in addition to the Institute's programs in other academic and medical disciplines. The department is devoted to improve the quality of scientific content of Medical Biophysics syllabi to keep up with modern developments and technological advances to meet the development plans of Egypt.



The Medical Biophysics Department is committed to national and regional entrepreneurship in education and high-level scientific research, serving both Alexandria University and Egyptian community by providing advanced programs of postgraduate studies and developing research projects capable of providing the community with knowledge and trained personnel through a stimulating environment for education, creativity and scientific research, to ensure optimum use of technology and general partnership.



1 . Achieve excellence in higher education and scientific research, and community service through the development and achievement of ways to ensure the quality of performance and output with optimal use of resources and modern technology.

2 . Provide general and specialized courses in various biophysical disciplines for the department, the institute and the Alexandria University.

3 . Multidisciplinary scientific communication with other departments of the institute and other faculties (at local and regional levels ) in order to exchange experiences and scientific teaching with updates for all branches of medical biophysics .

4 . Preparation of scientifically qualified cadres to meet the needs of the labor market in both the public and private sectors and to prepare faculty members of Arabic universities (e.g., Yemen, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Iraq, and Libya), and contribute to the solution of scientific problems facing Egyptian industrial development plans.

5 . Encourage the department’s staff members to produce innovative scientific research and participate in international scientific conferences; by forming an integrated system of scientific practices of scientific research in the framework of joint cooperation between the department and the corresponding sections locally and globally with the aim of upgrading the scientific section and contribute to the development of the Alexandria University, the Alexandria Governorate and the Egyptian society.

 6 . Prepare students with in-depth knowledge for enabling them to participate effectively in the scientific and technical aspects of development and planning programs in Egypt.