• The activites of the department are variable including teaching, research, collaboration researches with related department in the Medical Research Institute, The registration of postgraduate students with different backgrounds either in biological science, Medicine, Veterinary, pharmacy and faculty of education (biology department) for M.Sc and Ph.d degrees. Curricula are designed for obligatory and elective courses to fulfill the requirements needed.
  • The reaearch activities : include the participation of staff in members. Scientific seminars either in the department or sharing others in the conferences and congresses either local or international with scientific papers.
  • The future planes will include the proposal of projects either by stuff members of the department or by sharing with other departments in the Medical Research Institute either local or international.
  • The services include preparation of samples either paraffin or frozen , Sectioning , Aplication of different stains, Photography and image analysis. This is offered for researchers in faculties of Science, Medicine, Veterinary, Agriculture, and related department in the Medical Research Institute. This activists are paid and constitute an income to the department to be used for other research activities.


Master Thesis 2018 / 2019 ➜❘
PhD Thesis 2018 / 2019 ➜❘