The main pharmacy and first developed since the foundation of the institute. Dr Soheir el meligy was the first dean pharmacist(1971 to 2006) who greatly helped in the pharmacy evolution so as to fulfill all the requirement of the hospital. She retired in 2006 to leave a new group of pharmacists classified in descending order according to their grade.

  • Dr Heba rafeh: Dean of the pharmacy Bachelor of pharmaceutical science In1984 /  Diploma of higher studies Hospital Pharmacy in1998
  • Dr Randa kassem : Bachelor of pharmaceutical science in1994
  • Dr rehab el sebai: Bachelor of pharmaceutical science in1995
  • Dr Shahinas eid : Bachelor of pharmaceutical science in 1999
  • Dr eman tarabeih: Bachelor of pharmaceutical science in 2003
  • Dr Rasha el gohary: Bachelor of pharmaceutical science In 2003


A Summary of the whole work done at the hospital pharmacy

  1. Daily dispensing of medicines,Nutrient and blood electrolytes solution to all patients ward through the unit dose system
  2. Daily supplying of medicines,Nutrient and blood electrolytes solution to all departments and clinics for example:
    • Surgery department ( this include medicines before and after surgery, in addition to the Narcotics and analgesic anti-inflammatory drugs)
    • Endoscopic department
    • Renal department
    • Oncology clinic
    • Dental clinic
    • Emergency clinic
  1. Periodical supervision of the present medicines to prevent drug expiration and shortage
  2. Assisting Doctors to get any drug information required

The dispensing occur through a special system so as to make an easy communication between pharmacists, doctors, nurses and patients.

This is a small summary that can give a brief idea about the importance of the pharmacy to the medical research institute's hospital .