The Immunology Program at the Medical Research Institute offers a highly interactive, multidisciplinary course of study leading to a diploma, Master of science or doctoral degree that prepares students for successful careers as independent investigators in cellular, molecular, and diagnostic immunology. Students are exposed to contemporary research problems in basic and clinical immunology and, at the same time are given a strong background in biomedical research.

  • Diploma in allergy
    Recently introduced to physicians with diploma or an equivalent degree in chest, ENT or dermatology
  • Diploma in Diagnostic Immunology For graduates of biomedical and medical laboratory sciences
  • Master in Immunology and Allergy
  • Ph.D.of Science in Immunology and Allergy

: This Doctor of Science program is ordinarily for students with a previous medical or biomedical degree, designed for those interested in immunology, molecular biology, virology, and the epidemiology of diseases. The program prepares students for postdoctoral fellowships and/or junior faculty positions at academic institutions; and positions in independent scientific research institutions, governmental agencies, and the biotechnology industry