Achieving justice and transparency within the educational organization through the application of the rules of measurement and assessment in order to raise the level of graduates of the Medical Research Institute, enabling it to compete at the local, regional and global levels.



Development of the systems and rules of measurement and assessment in the Medical Research Institute by spreading this culture within the educational institution and taking care to follow up and continue training and analysis of the results of exams, feedback and corrective measures in order to ensure the achievement of justice and transparency in the evaluation of outputs targeted educational courses and programs.



The Measurement and Assessment Unit of the Medical Research Institute aims to:

1- Spreading the culture of developing assessment and exams systems among all those involved in the evaluation process.

2- Training staff members and their assistants to prepare exams that measure targeted learning outcomes.

3- Establishing question banks and activating them in preparing exams in different courses and correcting them automatically.

4- Training some staff members and their assistants to statistically analyze the results of the exams.

5- Training staff members and their assistants to use the results of statistical analysis of exams results for improvement and development and corrective plans.


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