The county government of Kericho has partnered with Alexandra University of Egypt in ensuring that they build a modern health facility for specialized treatment.

Kericho county governor prof. Paul Chepkwony, alluded that, due to his visit to Egypt alongside his Economic Advisor prof. Mibey in December last year, he managed to strike a deal with the University to construct the health facility at a cost of 500million in Kericho County.

He added that, among other centers to be built in the area, the university has also offered to build a state of the Earth Ophthalmology to treat Eye conditions.

“We are establishing collaboration with Alexandria University in the area of Health Services at Kericho county Referral Hospital. Specifically, the team will help us develop a modern Health Facility for specialized treatment and with a state of the Earth Ophthalmology Center among others.” Said Chepkwony.

The governor added that Kericho Medical staff will be trained at Alexandra medical school on how to use the machines for treatment and also the doctors from the Alexandra university medical school will be coming to offer specialized medical services at the hospital in due time.

Some of the specialized medical services to be offered by the Alexandria doctors in Kenya include; Eye treatment, operation of the heart, Kidney transplant and training to some of the specialized doctors in the county.

Kericho County is also said to be in talks with Egypt on how Kenya can be supplying tea direct from the county.

“We shall also be talking about tea business with the county of Alexandria as per next month; governor of Alexandria will be coming with other Egypt businessperson so that we can see how we can do business together.” He said.

He has however, urged other governors to not only look for help globally but rather to consider those African countries that have hammered the norm and overcome the challenges of health issues like Egypt.