The President of Alexandria University Prof. Dr. Essam El-Kordi has honored Dr. Madbouli Noir the Professor Emeritus at the Higher Institute of Public Health. The honoring is in recognition of Dr. Noir scientific achievements and his implementation of many research and development projects in the university in addition to his denotation of a building in Mustafa Kamel district to expand in the field of occupational health.

Dr. Essam El-Kordi expressed his appreciation to Dr. Madbouli Noir, who participated in the glory of Alexandria University, considering him a symbol to be emulated in donation. Dr. Kurdi emphasized the importance to honor the distinguished scientists in Alexandria University and the need to benefit from their experiences as enlightenment for the society.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Hisham Gaber, AU Vice President for Education and Students Affairs, Dr. Mokhtar Yousef, AU Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. Fahmy Charl Fahmy, Deputy of the Higher Institute of and Acting Dean of the Higher Institute of Public Health, Dr. Manal Mohamed Ahmed, the former Dean the institute and Dr. Amal Al-Sahan, Deputy of the institute for Graduate Studies and Research.