Alexandria University is making new progress in the global rankings of universities
Alexandria University has made new progress in the world rankings of universities among the top 200 universities from 44 countries worldwide in 2018 according to the world ranking of the oldest universities "Golden Age Universities" of the British ranking
(THE) - Times Higher Education.
Dr. Essam El Kordy, President of the University, said that the University of Alexandria came in the (151-200). This ranking includes universities that have been established for more than 50 years and less than 80 years. He added that this is the third time that the university has entered the international rankings in a month , which came in the British ranking of the universities of the emerging economies in 2018.
It has also made progress in the World Universities Rankings (CWUR) among the best universities in the world. This confirms the success of the University's plan to work towards achieving excellence. It is required to develop regulations and study systems, increase international cooperation and improve the level of scientific research. For comprehensive development, in line with the needs of the global market and industry and to achieve the progress of society and the national economy. The classification is based on the same indicators as the British ranking THE, including the quality of education, teaching, scientific research, scientific citations and influential in scientific research, and international relations, which is the international presence of faculty, international students and international cooperation in the field of scientific research and income from industry which represents the transfer of knowledge between scientific institutions and industry