President of Alexandria University Dr. Roshdy Zahran held a meeting with university students to discuss Alexandria University history and its African and world place. Dr. Zahran indicated that AU is the second oldest university in Egypt and one of the largest where 185,000 students are studying including 6000 foreign students. Au also has 9000 faculty member and hires more than 14,000 employee.

Dr. Zahran added that AU is one of the best 4% universities in the world according to the latest report issued by the Center of World Universities Ranking that has assessed more than 25000 universities around the world. Alexandria University came among the best 12 university at Arab counties level and within the best 15 universities in Africa. He stated also that AU has a branch in Matroh and two branches in Africa in Chad and South Sudan.

He also spoke about the provided opportunities for the students to participate in international conferences and contests as well as available programs via the center that was established to develop student skills as a preparation for labor market.

The Rector called the attendants to be inform their colleagues about the available chances of skills developments and various activities that should enhance their competitive skills.

This came during the meeting with the first batch of the summer club camp led by Prof. Dr. Alaa Ramadan the Deputy of the faculty of Science and attended by Prof. Dr. Hesham Gaber the University Deputy for Education and Student Affairs.

Prof. Dr. Hesham Gaber stated that the camp aims to provide prober environment for the students to communicate, activities involvement and exchange experience In addition to meet university and political leaderships outside study halls.

Dr. Gaber indicated that the education is one of university life sides with other activities, skills and experience through contacting with faculty members. The university role is to produce an educated graduates able to compete in the labor market. He also stressed the importance of students’ participation in volunteering work through the university initiative that will be announced soon to serve the Alexandrian community.