Dr. Seddik Abdel Salam, Vice President of Alexandria University for Graduate studies and Research underlined the university interest in scientific research and the development of higher education through improving programs and curricula and capacity-building projects in terms of raising the competency of faculty members and laboratories development. The university also is keen on cooperation with prominent international universities to establish of common scientific degrees as well as to encourage travelling of students and researchers to study and research. He also stated that the university pays special attention to projects of the European Union that support the development of higher education. These statements were in the opening of the training workshop organized by the University recently on how to write projects proposals to support the development of higher education that are funded through grants provided by the European Union Program (Erasmus Plus). The workshop was attended by Eng. Karim Hamdi; the Deputy of National Coordinator of the European Union program in addition to a group of faculty members and graduate students of Alexandria universities, national universities and the Arab Academy of Science and