#Mission :

The main message is development of knowledge, activities and professional skills in line with the labor market. So that graduates are qualified in different skills and supported by information about various diseases and tumors. These include: symptoms, clinical diagnosis, sampling techniques using needle biopsy either with or without U/S guidance, ways of chopping samples up. Examining cells, tissues and writing the description and reports then the ability to reach final diagnosis, either through the routine dyes or by using immunohistochemistry, or cytology to achieve leadership in the field of specialty noting that the department is the only one on the level of Egyptian universities in this area

#vision :

Reload disciplines for its renewal in all pathological areas

Vision reflects the aspirations for the future of the section through a set of goals and hopes and excellence by:

- high quality in training and teaching to get a master's degree and doctorate in specialty of department so that the graduate is distinguished in the field.

Academic freedom, equal opportunities and independence process away from obstacles and red tape damper

#Goals :

Development of community: by directing research that meet its needs.

Continuity in the modernization of scientific education.

Reload speciality in the field of cytological screening of fluids and tissues for master's and doctor degrees.

Achieve leadership in the area of specialization: -

  • So that the graduate is distinguished in the diagnosis of diseases and tumors by cytological examination using fine needle aspiration either with or without ultrasound guidance or examining paracentesis fluids.
  • Rapid diagnosis of frozen sections during various surgeries.
  • Diagnosis of various diseases and tumors by examining tissue.
  • Participate in the development of community through seminars, lectures awareness of symptoms and the need for rapid seek of a doctor’s help when any is noted
  • Participating in community service through outpatient clinics for fine needle with or without guidance.