This Center of Medical Technology provides specialized programs in the field of health care and clinical field . The training programs are designed and implemented through an integrated and specialized team according to the needs of each training course with the issuance of accredited certificates from Alexandria University .


Scientific research and projects


  • How to write aproposal for STDF
  • How to write a research proposal for ERASMUS
  • Research design & methodology
  • How to publish a scientific paper in international journals with high impact factor?


Research Laboratories


  • Training programs in the field of molecular biology .
  • Training programs in the field of cell culture.
  • Training programs in the field of nanotechnologies .
  • Training programs in animal breeding and experimental animals .
  • Training programs on the latest methods sensitive to the diagnosis of parasitic diseases .
  • Training programs in basic techniques in laboratory practice.
  • Training programs in tissue processing and immuo-histochemistry.


Clinical Training


  • Breast imaging program.
  • Breast surgery management training program.
  • Infection prevention & control from theroy to practice.
  • Nutrition care in adult hospitalised and critically care patients.
  • Comprehensive course in hepatology & gastroenterology.
  • Nursing care management training program.
  • Pain management training program.


Training in management, quality and health governance


  • Hospital Management Program.
  • Medical Information Management Program.
  • Program of accreditation of health institutions.
  • Medical Laboratory Quality Management Program.
  • Hospital design and construction program.
  • Medical program built on the manual.
  • Infection Control Program.
  • Safety and Biosafety Program.
  • Quality of health care program.