Pathology is a challenging branch of science that deals with different body tissues down to the cellular level (Histopathology and cytopathology).

Pathology department is one of the active departments in the Medical Research Institute hospital where it performs diagnostic, therapeutic and educational roles as well as research too.

The staff members carry the diagnostic role in several ways, including:

  • Examination of surgically excised specimens received from inside and outside the institute,
  • Intra-operative instant preliminary diagnosis for breast suspicious cases carried in the surgery department in the institute,
  • Cytopathological examination of fluids received as well lesions aspirated whether blindly in the clinic of the department or radiologically guided in the radiology and endoscopy departments,
  • Diagnosing the IHC studies carried for breast cancer pretherapy, as ER, PR, Her2 and Ki67.

Educational role is directed to postgraduate students in the form of master and doctor degree in histopathology and cytopathology, as well as complementary lectures included in the program of other degrees given in the institute.

Research role is represented by supervision and collaboration with other clinical departments including surgery, internal medicine, radiology, oncology, genetics and others.

The department consists of highly specialized laboratory units where examination, dissection and processing of the specimens to be ready for microscopic examination and diagnosis is done. Also, an outpatient clinic in which patients are subjected to clinical examination followed by fine needle aspiration biopsy for indicated cases followed by processing and subsequent diagnosis.

The staff members of the department are highly qualified university professors, assistant professors,……etc. with a team of well trained technicians and secretary.