WHO patient safety solutions

    • Solutions to prevent health care-related harm
    • “Recognizing that health care errors affect one in every 10 patients around the world, the WHO’s world Alliance for Patient Safety and the Collaborating Center have packaged nine effective solutions to reduce such errors, “ said WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan. “Implementing these solutions is a way to improve patient safety.”

      The most important knowledge in the field of patient safety is how to prevent harm from happening to patients during treatment and care. The nine solutions are based on interventions and actions that have reduced problems related to patient safety in some countries.

      The nine solutions are now available in accessible from for use and adaptation by WHO Member States to re-design patient care processes and make them safer.

      They come under the headings of:

      1. Look-alike, sound-alike medication names; 2. Patient identification; 3. Communication during patient hand-overs; 4. Performance of correct procedure at correct body site; 5. Control of concentrated electrolyte solutions; 6. Assuring medication accuracy at transitions in care; 7. Avoiding catheter and tubing misconnections; 8. Single use of injection devices; and 9. Improved hand hygiene to prevent health care-associated infection.